May Crowning


My favorite mystery of the Rosary is the last mystery, the coronation of the Blessed Mother. Our Lady being crowned as the Queen of Heaven by her Son is the most triumphant and joyous day of the life of the Blessed Mother. Meditating on this powerful mystery, I can only believe that Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven the moment she assumed body and soul into Heavenly glory.

As you know, it is a great tradition in parishes to crown our Lady during May. As a parish priest, I greatly look forward to this day. The May Crowning for this year will be on Sunday, May 30th at the 10:30 AM Mass. Given that the statue of our Lady in the Church is over 15 feet high it will already be crowned before the Mass begins.

Immediately following the 10:30 AM Mass, there will be the crowning of our Lady at her garden on Bedford Avenue. I invite all our first communicants to attend with their families. There will be a random drawing for the children who will be attending to present flowers to our Lady at her garden. If there is rain, it will take place in the church at the shrine of the Blessed Mother.

I truly hope you can attend this wonderful Mass to honor the Blessed Mother of God. Hope to see you there.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz