Peace is that which everyone truly seeks. We all desire peace in our souls. At certain
moments it comes naturally such as enjoying one’s profession, taking part in hobbies,
being with loved ones, receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, receiving the sacrament of
His mercy in Confession.

Ultimately our peace comes from God. It is embracing the love of God. Jesus says to His
disciples after He resurrected: Peace be with you. In his Last Supper discourse He says to
the apostles: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. The Holy Mass contains
several prayers petitioning for peace to come upon us all.

The challenge is for us to keep that peace and to maintain it during difficulty and
affliction. A great book that I believe is a must read is Searching for and Maintaining
Peace by Father Jacques Philippe.

Father Jacques Phillipe says that when we see our loved ones suffering our peace in Christ
may be waned or even lost. For example, a family member who is ill is suffering by
nature of the illness. Yet it is very common for people to worry so much about the person
being sick that they are suffering more than the sick person. Father Jacques Phillippe says
this is a sign of a lack of faith because the person is not trusting that Christ will take care
over the loved one through His infinite wisdom and Divine plan.

At times when we sin and fall, it is so easy for to us to be discouraged and sad. It is
important to make a distinction between contrition and sadness. Contrition is sorrow for
one’s sins and to amend one’s life. Contrition doesn’t mean that we should be sad overall
or discouraged, rather we should be sorry for our sins and trust in God’s mercy and grace.
Father Jacques Philippe says in our spiritual life it is important to maintain a peace of heart
under all circumstances even in defeat. To grow in peace, in a way, is to foster a
disposition of a child. A child depends on all things from his parents. For us as adopted
sons and daughters of God the Father we are all completely dependent upon His
grace. Children who have loving parents trust their parents. Our Father is always loving
and faithful, therefore we can trust Him in all circumstances and maintain His peace.

Jesus gave everything to the Father. Jesus knew everything came from the Father. Jesus
taught us as his disciples to pray: Thy will be done.

Jesus, I trust in you.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz