Respect Life


With a new session of the United Supreme Court about to begin, it is entirely possible that Roe vs. Wade may in fact be overturned. In the last fifty years the understanding of rights in our nation has certainly changed. Although the laws of our nation and many other countries have failed to protect the lift of the unborn, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Catholic Church have never changed regarding the sanctity and protection of unborn life.

Although people can accuse Pro-Life Catholics or even non-Catholics who are Pro-Life of being insensitive to a women’s situation or cruel to people who take part in abortion, that is not what the Church teaches either. Jesus teaches us compassion and mercy, not hatred nor detraction.

Taking away innocent life is permanent, it can never be taken back. Yet giving the unborn child a chance to live is at the heart of our humanity. It is so easy to de-sensitize the damage of this sin of taking away innocent unborn life. It is not shown on a sonogram to the mother, nor to the father, nor to the media.

Given that this is the month of the Rosary, let us pray at least a daily decade of the Rosary for the intention of ending abortion in our country. However, even more than that, let us pray for conversion of hearts. Let us pray that all mothers, fathers, and all people will see the sanctity of unborn life in its splendor.

May we be confident in our Lady’s prayers to her Son for the conversion of all sinners. Her prayers are most powerful. Among the saints, it is she that is closest to Him.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz