The Midsummer


I have to say that I was quite moved this week when I was watching the MLB All Star
Game. In comparison to last year when it was canceled due to the pandemic and
among other things, to watch the game and see the sold-out stadium certainly was

For the first time since 2019, I traveled on my annual road trip enjoying the beautiful
lands and cities of our country. People were wondering if I took Francis, my dog, with
me on my road trip to Oklahoma and Texas. The answer is no. Maybe next time when
he is a little older.

I am sure this summer many people are going on vacation for the first time since the
pandemic began. As Christians we are free to enjoy life. We are free to enjoy our time
with our families and friends and rest in wholesome leisure. It is certainly easier to
enjoy it this year!

The summer is a wonderful time for us to truly rest and to reflect on our journey with
Jesus. I certainly recommend for you to do some spiritual reading during the
summer. There are so many books that I would recommend. Any of Father Jacques
Philippe’s books are excellent reads and are very easy to follow.

For me the unofficial end of summer is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed
Virgin Mary. As a friendly reminder the Holy Day of Obligation of Sunday is being
restored for the Diocese of Rockville Centre beginning on Saturday, August 14th. On
Sunday, August 15th after the 12:00 PM Mass we will have a solemn procession to the
Garden of Our Lady on Bedford Avenue.

Let us truly give thanks to God for the free time we have this summer. Each day we give
thanks to God for the gift of the day. How sweeter it is to thank him for the wonderful
and enjoyable days that He gives us.

Enjoy the summer!

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz