The Tenth Pastor of St. Barnabas


As you know the tenth pastor of St. Barnabas the Apostle Church, Father Joseph
Coschignano, died on Monday, January 11, 2021. Father Joe served the parish from
2010-2015 and was part of leading the St. Barnabas into its one hundred year
anniversary. What an honor and privilege that was for him! I don’t think I will make
it to the bicentennial year!

Father Joe loved being a priest and he was truly a happy priest. He had an old
school charm about him. He was fond of using a typewriter rather than a computer.
He had a wonderful passion for art. He even taught art at Maria Regina High School
in Uniondale.

We thank Father Joe immensely for his love for Jesus and His Church. As a priest,
you get to see the fruit of your ministry by leading others closer to God and seeing
the change in them. The amount of good a priest can do for God’s children is
immeasurable. God only knows the amount of souls that Father Joe has helped and
won over for Jesus. In this year of St. Joseph may the patron saint of the Church
watch over him and lead him to Jesus.

We thank all the pastors and priests who have served our beloved parish of St.
Barnabas. I have to say I am truly blest to have with me two wonderful associate
pastors, Father Michael and Father Shaju, who are so diligent in serving the parish
and for Father Sean who goes above and beyond in his service to the parish as a
priest in residence.

When I was a seminarian I received a call from a friend of mine Father Charles Kohli
who informed that he was with Monsignor Anthony Savastano when he died. He
told me “Now, Jeff you take his spot as a priest in the vineyard while he is now a
priest in Heaven.” As Father Kohli asked me and now I ask the people of the parish
to pray for a priestly vocation to take Father Joe’s spot in the Lord’s vineyard. May
God reward Father Joe for is love Jesus the Eternal High Priest and for His Holy

In Jesus and Mary

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz