Three Things You Can Do With Jesus


It is hard to believe that it was during Lent of 2020 in which the pandemic began for us. Now one year later the pandemic is still with us. Now a new Lent has begun. In every Lent we can strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ. During this special time of the year, we can orient ourselves to the passion of Jesus in his saving work for us.

Permit me to offer you three things you can do with Jesus during this Lent:
1. Confess to Jesus
2. Walk with Jesus
3. Hope in Jesus

Confess to Jesus. Confession to Jesus is at the center of what Lent is all about. Preparing for confession is something that is not easy. Because Jesus loves with an intensity that is more powerful any force in nature, He wants us to not only give Him our talents and gifts, but also our sins. In return he gives us His absolute mercy.

There will be ample opportunities to go to confession this Lent starting with Ash Wednesday from 2:00PM – 4:00PM in the Holy Family Chapel. Please come! It would be a wonderful way for you to begin Lent.

Walk with Jesus. Well, in a very literal sense we do this during the Stations of the Cross. However due to the Pandemic, we may have to do this in our pews. In a transcendent manner, we walk with Jesus to calvary every time we carry our Cross. Certainly, the crosses during these past 12 months have been plenty. But when we carry them, let us remember that Jesus is helping us to carry it.

A dear spiritual father to me who is a priest had to use all his strength during the consecration at Mass to lift the Chalice up for the people of God to see. To me it was like Jesus lifting the cross after falling three times. Jesus, like this priest, lifted the cross with all his strength.

Even though we may forget, we are walking with Jesus every time we feel the weight of the Cross. Not only that, but also when we rejoice in the blessings that he has given us.

Hope in Jesus. Even with the vaccines slowly increasing in supply, our hope ultimately rests in Jesus. With the gift of faith, we will always have Hope in Jesus. That hope can never be taken away from us. What he can give to us no other person can, which is Eternal Life.

I hope you all have a grace filled Lent. Please know of my continued prayers for you.

In Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jeff Yildirmaz